Blogs and emails aren’t dead. But boring ones are. 

Team up with Volcanic Content to outsource your monthly content needs and get writing that makes an impact. 

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Make yourself heard on the Internet

When our founder, Lucy, clicked off another article telling her to be healthier by drinking more water, she was inspired to turn the content writing industry on its head. 

Then along came Cecillya, a wizard with words and emails, whose knack for captivating copy perfectly complemented Lucy's vision.

Let’s write blog articles and nurture emails that people *actually* want to read.

Enter Volcanic Content. A boutique agency for businesses who want to stand out with engaging content to grow their communities, establish their expertise, and scale in a bold way. 

We LAVA our past + current clients 



Instead of:

Settling for mass-produced content that always feels a little ‘off’

Managing writers and praying they’ll hit the deadline 

Sending emails and updating your blog inconsistently

Putting out bland content that does nothing for your business 

you'll get:

Epically on-brand articles that make your company the go-to in your industry

A team of communicative, word wizards who value your business as much as their craft 

Monthly high-quality blog posts and nurture emails, so you can reap the benefits of consistency  

A writer with a witty sense of humor who concocts content that’s fun to read

Words have power.

The power to exponentially grow your business. 

And every piece of writing Volcanic Content gives you is: 

An Eyeball Magnet 

‘5 Ways to Grow Your Business’ *yawn* Been-there-done-that posts, and cliche one-liners aren’t even in our vocabulary. 

Business First

Your inbox makes you money. Your blog makes you the expert. You’re running a business, not providing free entertainment. 

Bold Marketing

Conversational writing that sparks a flame is a company's best friend. By going bold, you can engage your audience with interest instead of pushy sales.

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Rachel Spencer-Wolff 

Her emails are the loud, unfiltered, unapologetic tough love you need. 

Melanie Aubert 

Data without drama. And you’ll see it in these casual + direct emails. 


Sell in the inbox. But make it feel like a party. 



Conversational, informative + fun blog articles for fitness professionals. 


(Fun)-ctional office accessories and a tight-knit team makes this blog a community. 

My Write Hand Woman 

Business advice served with a side of spice. 

Our Packages

The Signature

  • x4 Nurture Emails (~200 words each)
  • x4 Non-Technical Blog Posts (~1000 words each)
  • Collaborative Topic Ideation
  • Research Included
  • 1 Round of Edits

Investment: $2500 per month

The Signature Plus 

  • x4 Nurture Emails (~200 words each)
  • x4 Non-Technical Blog Posts (Up to 1000 words each)
  • 5 Relevant SEO Keywords Per Article
  • Collaborative Topic Ideation
  • Research Included
  • 1 Round of Edits
  • A 30-Minute Quarterly Content Strategy Call With Cecillya

Investment: $3000 per month

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from fun founders

Wow!! So I'm a writer myself and I didn't have enough time to write for my business's blog next to writing for others. 

I reluctantly hired another writer and am blown away by the level of writing Cecillya served. She really went above and beyond what was expected and brought her own tasteful creativity to it! Thank you!

Topacio A., Owner, Copywriter, & Brand Content Strategist of The LA Plant Club

Meet the


Hi, I’m Lucy.

After writing high-converting copy for fun start-ups, personality-packed companies, ambitious female entrepreneurs, and successful coaches with my copywriting business, My Write Hand Woman– I wanted to bring that same oomph to content writing. 

By combining unparalleled creativity, a strategy-first approach, and a hefty dose of bold humor, Volcanic Content creates ready-to-go written content that gives you a voice on the Internet. Because blending in isn’t an option on this corner of the web. 

Meet the


Hi, I’m Cecillya (call me Cece)!

I cut my teeth in e-commerce, writing sharp copy that turned browsers into buyers and clicks into customers.

My journey has taken me through the vibrant worlds of health, beauty, homecare, gardening, DIY, and beyond—where I've crafted compelling and fun copy for products that enrich everyday life.

With my expertise, I've partnered with high 6-figure agencies and e-commerce giants, boosting brands that rake in up to $100 million annually.

As a determined lady-millennial, I bring a casual, easy-going, relatable energy while injecting humor and edginess into all my work or ideas.

LET's do this!

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Frequently asked


Volcanic Content doesn’t do a hoity-toity process that leaves you bathing in caviar, but hopelessly confused.

When you say ‘yes’ to us, we send you the messaging questionnaire and celebrate with a kick-off call. Then, your content is totally off of your plate. Every month, you’ll get the monthly content questionnaire to tell us your blog + email needs then you’re done.

Done-for-you content in your hands within the week. 1 round of complimentary edits. Never do the clicky-click of content writing again. Promise.

HA. Wait, I shouldn’t laugh. That was a serious question. No, no, we do not. Captions are important, but we save that stuff for the people who know their stuff. Aka social media managers and social media agencies. We’re happy to pass a referral. 

Nope, but our founder does. In fact, you’re reading her sassy FAQ responses right now. If you’re looking for web copy or sales copy – check out her personal brand, My Write Hand Woman.

*Rolls up sleeves* I’m sure you’ve heard you get what you pay for, but I’m not about to drop that quote and leave.

Content mills pay writers pennies and hire basically every breathing human with fingers to write content. Or honestly, with AI, fingers are optional. That’s why it’s so cheap. On the flip side, high-end content agencies charge $10K per month. Big high-5 for them, but that’s not us either.

We pay our writers competitively because happy writers write funny stuff that gets results for your business. Therefore we’re a bit more of an investment than other agencies.

Even though we specialize in casual articles that have subtle humor in them, nothing is more important than making sure our client’s voice is present. That’s why (unlike most agencies) you work with the same writer for the duration of your project. You won’t interface with them directly, but just know there is an epic scribbler who’s stalking your socials and perfecting the way you always say “that’s a hard ‘no’” when you’re over it.

Every month that goes by, your articles are going to feel more like you’re the one writing them. It’s actually kind of creepy.

3 months. We don’t love the long, binding, ‘give us your firstborn child’ agreements, but we do think a content strategy takes some time to gain traction. We do offer incentives if you would like to sign on for a 6-month or year-long partnership with us. 

Nope! We like to think our style self-selects for us. We tend to attract spunky e-commerce brands, bold coaches, cutting-edge companies, marketplace disruptors, and standout service-based businesses. We’re not afraid of research and feel confident that we can do it all. 

Inclusivity - We LOVE humor. But hateful humor that puts people down? Gross. We believe spicy and kind can coexist, and we’ll pull up a seat at the table for anyone who vibes with our style.

Fun - When things get stuffy, we leave. By believing content should be fun to read, naturally, we celebrate everything. An email made you $5,000? Cake. You finally set that much-needed boundary? Balloons. Your company just IPOed? Someone go buy this epic founder a air fryer – because, why not.

Empowerment - Most of our clients are women-owned businesses, and we know in this online space being a woman with a loud voice isn’t always easy. We can’t cure disparities, BUT we can stand right beside you and give you bold content that lets your brilliant ideas cut through the noise.

An opportunity to gush about my writers? Yes, please! *grabs mic theatrically* I’m sure you’ve seen content writing agencies boast things like ‘fluent English speakers’ or, even better, ‘native English writers.’ We kick things up a notch. Our writers are whip-smart, witty, quick-thinkers who write content that’s fun, engaging, and insanely easy to read.

Plus, we’re female-founded and have a team of *mostly* women writers. So that’s pretty badass too.

Beautiful! The process is pretty simple. Just fill out that form to book a discovery call. After your call, if it looks like a good fit, we’ll send over a proposal that has everything you need to know about teaming up. Then, once that’s accepted – you’re in, and we’ll guide you through our quick onboarding process.

Click here for a turbo scroll up to the contact form.

I’m flattered! Of course, you can. Send your portfolio to as we’re growing rapidly and always looking for fun voices to support our clients’ content needs.

But be warned, we get a bunch of inquiries, so, unfortunately, we can’t reply to everyone who applies. Pro tip from our founder: make your application email ~bold~ we love weird.

Awesome! We have answers. And we promise we’re less sassy in the inbox. Just send an email to