There’s nothing quite like the feeling of back-to-school shopping. Peeking around fun stationery stores and scrolling through school supplies online have a way of making us feel inspired for the year ahead. Like sure, you know you’ll want to be back in summer mode within a week -- but that deluxe, smooth pen is making you feel like you’re not going to procrastinate at all this year. 

Here are some of our favorite cute school supplies so you can dive into this year with tons of motivation and very stylish study buddies. 

Everything Notebook B5

Digital is great, but nothing quite matches the feel of a high-quality notebook. Explore your love of paper products with this versatile notebook. Use it to take notes, plan out your day, or journal at the end of a tough week. Your options are endless. 

Japanese Pilot FriXion Erasable Tricolor Pen

Can’t decide if you’re going to commit to the professionalism of pen or the freedom of pencil this year? These erasable pens give you the best of both worlds. With multiple colors, you can easily color-code your notes for easier retention and then erase errors, so you don’t compromise on your note-taking aesthetic. 

Deluxe Metal Ink Pen

Sometimes you just gotta feel fancy with your back-to-school supplies. The Deluxe Metal Ink pen has a strong feeling and super smooth ink to elevate your entire writing experience. If someone asks to borrow a pen, you’re totally going to protect this one. 

Ultimate Desk Pad

Stay organized from the get-go with the Ultimate Desk Pad. With a calendar, ruler, and plenty of pockets, you can design your desk space to be an oasis of organization. Between extra-curriculars, homework, and social time -- you’re going to need a cohesive calendar to ensure you never miss a beat. 

Customizable Vegan Leather Multi-functional Laptop Bag

Your laptop is your baby during the school year, so make sure you give it the pizazz (and protection) it deserves. This vegan leather laptop bag is silky to the touch and perfect for your delicate device. Get it customized for some added style and promote an easy return if you ever set it down somewhere random. 

Customizable Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve Set

If the bag isn’t your style, then you’ll love the sleeve. With the same high-quality vegan leather and ability to customize -- your normal laptop will feel fun and fancy. When you’re not using the sleeve, it turns into a mousepad. There is also a little pouch to hold your laptop accessories. This way, when you’re on the go, you’ll never not have what you need. 

Flyport Cute USB Hub 4 in 1

The school year means a little more stress and A LOT more cords. When you’re charging every device it can feel tough to find space. This USB hub quadruples the amount you can charge and gives you an extension cord for easy reach. No more praying that there’s more than one outlet. It’s seriously a freeing feeling. 

Traveler Power Bank / Hand Warmer

Ever have that teacher who believes students need to learn in the Arctic? This little device warms up your fingers so you can keep note-taking without turning into an icicle. And, the best part? It’s also a power bank. You can charge your phone and stay warm even when there isn’t a socket in sight. 

Retractable 3-Port USB Keychain

This tiny gadget does a lot for its size. Charge a multitude of devices by using the variety of cords available to you. Then, when everyone is at 100%, it retracts. It’s so small that you can throw it in your pocket or pencil case for next time. 

Rose Gold Multi-Clip Set

This luxe clip set will keep all of your paper, memos, and reminders organized so you can find things with ease. We recommend printing out your notes so you can make annotations and study last minute (even without wi-fi). These cute school supplies make sure nothing flies away. 

Free-Spirit Writing Set

If you love the feel of pen and paper during the school year, these back-to-school supplies are about to be your dream set. You’ll get The Everything Notebook, some erasable pens, and a collection of cute writing supplies. Your laptop might feel super jealous cause you’ll be all old-fashioned pen and paper all of the time. 

Customizable Vegan Leather Multi-Talented Notebook

You deserve a notebook that feels like yours. This multi-talented notebook has a smooth vegan leather cover, protecting the thoughts you share inside. Make sure you customize it with your name, favorite quote, or affirmation to make it a one-of-a-kind school supply. 
From all of us here at Multitasky, have a great school year! Let yourself feel inspired with cute school supplies and go out there and crush it. 

Which school supply are you falling in love with this year? Tell us in the comments.