Email 1: The Hypermind
Subject: This is what happens when you stop talking
Preview: And it’s the opposite of silence, promise 

Hi First Name,
Tell me if this has ever happened to you: 
You have an idea. You look at it on paper. You think SH*T, this is gold. 
You tell all of your business friends about it. You give up your afternoon because motivation is pouring through your veins. 
But then, you lose steam. 
As fast as you put the pedal to the freakin’ metal, you found another shiny object that put this golden idea into the ‘could’ve been awesome’ graveyard. 
And hey, it’s not your fault. 
If you’re in my world, your goals are probably massive. They’re the kinds of goals that most people would shrug off and never. even. try. 
But you need accountability. Support. A voice that pushes you forward and doesn’t let you say ‘no’ when the going gets tough. 
A hypermind. Also known as a compressed mastermind that holds you to your goals, so you can get out of your own way and do the damn thing. 
The women in my world don’t talk about good ideas. 
They launch movements. 
The Execution is a 6-week hypermind that makes goals happen. By surrounding yourself with women who are covered in creativity, drive, and commitment– you can finally make the move that’s going to start your ‘how I scaled TF out of this’ story. 
Talking is for the fearful. 
Doing is for the successful. 
CTA → Execute

Email 2: The Money Maven Affirmation Deck 
Subject: The only way to make money in under 2 seconds 
Preview: And you know I don’t play tricks 

Hi First Name, 
2 seconds. What can you do in that time? 
Blink. Kiss. Breathe. 
I have a better idea. 
Make money. 
When you want to be richer, sign more clients, and scale your business– your money mindset has to support those goals before you can even think about the numbers in your bank account. 
And an easy way to start actively working on your mindset is through daily money affirmations. 
The Money Maven affirmation deck is the 2-second practice that will strengthen your money mindset and let you start every workday on an abundant high note. 
Pull a card. Read it. Feel it. Believe it. Fall into the results that feel like magic. 
Hand-designed by an artist in Orlando, every card in this deck brings the feel-good, ‘you got this’ energy that you need to thrive. 
Because if your brain is supporting your ability to make more, you can then mobilize the strategies you need to bring in that income. 
It will never be the other way around, First Name. 
And I know if your mind is 100% in it, your results will be quick to follow. 
CTA → Get the Deck 

Email 3: Your Bigness 
Subject: This might be uncomfortable 
Preview: But if you do it, everyone in your world will grow 

Hi First Name, 
When you go to light a candle…do you light it with an unlit candle or the one that’s thriving with a massive flame?
The thriving one, obviously. Nothing ever shines from just a wick. 
So why is it when we think about lighting other people up, we play small? 
It’s because we’ve been taught that by being big, embracing what we’re really freakin’ good at, and talking about why we’re awesome– we are going to make others feel less than. 
And if you’ve ever been called ‘braggy’ or ‘egotistical’ in school because you crushed an exam or created a masterpiece in art class– then boy oh boy, you have a tough hill to climb when it comes to playing bigger. 
But let’s go back to our candle. 
When we use the biggest flame to light the others, it’s because we know a massive flame has enough to go around for every single one that needs its energy. 
We don’t worry that the big candle can’t handle it. 
We don’t worry about the unlit candles being too intimidated by the big one to light. 
We simply watch all of the candles shine together. 
It’s the same when it comes to your light. 
By shining bright and being big, you’re not taking away anyone else's light. 
You’re giving them space to be big. You’re telling them it’s encouraged to let their flame roar. You’re essentially providing the oxygen they need to grow bigger and be who they want to be in the entrepreneurship world. 
So here’s your challenge: 
This week, stop extinguishing your flame to make people feel comfortable. It doesn’t work like that. People are comfortable when they see you stepping into your full self. 
Be big. 
Share the win. Brag about your strengths. Shout the results you bring your clients from the freakin’ rooftops. 
Start with your stories. Then, create a reel. Then, throw that win on your website so everyone can see it. 
Starting now, your bigness is a non-negotiable. 

Email 4: BABY! 
Subject: A different kind of announcement (winky face) 
Preview: I’m shaking just thinking about it 

Here it goes, First Name. 
We’re pregnant! (celebration emoji) 
Tears are falling as I write this email. 
This road was not an easy one. 
While my business was growing, I was struggling to grow a family. 
2 failed rounds of IVF. 
Nights spent crying. 
Thoughts racing as I thought – whyyyy? 
When I saw those 2 littles lines on the stick, my whole world stopped. 
I couldn’t believe it. 
The excitement ran through every organ in my body. 
I’m so happy to share this news with you all. 
You’re a part of my journey, First Name. You’re in my family. And I want to say a big THANK YOU for being with me every step of the way.