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Mindset is everything. Mindset matters. Mindset is important for your success. If you’re not growing, you’re slowing. I can hear the bro marketer whispering in my ear like a cheaply-recorded ASMR video. But here’s the thing. That pink squishy thing in your head is one of your key success drivers. That’s why there are so many mindset coaches for female entrepreneurs. Our brains need shifting if we’re doing things we’ve never done before. 

So lemme preface this article, because I’m not a mindset coach. I don’t have a Ph.D. in psychology or a certification in something fancy. I’m a copywriter who happened to hit 6-figs in her first full year. And I say happened, but really, it was a lot of blood, sweat, Google searches, and mindset shifts that got me there. 

Instead of the typical believe in yourself, or be present at every stage, I’m going to mix practical advice, mindset shifts, and a little tough love, so that you can do what you need to do to hit 6-figures. 
Give fewer f*cks about what people think 

When you’re scaling to 6-figures, you’re testing out what works, developing your brand voice, finding clients, and figuring out who you want to be in the business world. You might try a goth phase. Cut your own bangs. Or even let your best friend pierce your ears with a safety pin. 

The point is, you’re trial and error-ing. And when you’re in that phase, it’s really easy to let a negative comment make you question everything. Showing your face on stories? Someone is gonna call you a try-hard. Celebrating a milestone? She probably has rich parents. 

To build a business, you can’t be liked by everyone. Because if that happens, then you can’t be loved by the ones that matter. And if you wouldn’t want to switch lives with the person who’s giving you that backhanded compliment, then why the hell would you let them for a second try and dictate what your life and business should be like? 
The lesson here is to care less. You might lose friends. You might get weird looks. People will probably talk about you. And not always positively. But you have goals to reach, and letting opinions be tiny hurdles means you have to waste energy jumping over them. 

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Do what you’re really good at. And nothing else. 

Love designing brands? Awesome, be a brand designer. Think numbers are fun? Perfect, help people with their finances.

Want to create a safe space for people going through miscarriages? You’re so needed as a coach. 

Being an entrepreneur, there will be no shortage of weird tasks that you suck at for you to do. Before you can outsource, you’ll be the social media manager, accountant, admin assistant, and CEO. All in a day's work. You don’t need to complicate your life by offering everything under the sun. 

And your clients are going to ask. If they love working with you, they’re going to want you to lowkey do everything. Hiring is hard. But this is your chance to really shine by passing them a kickass referral and staying in your zone of ‘I’m a f*ckin’ rockstar.’ 

Because if you’re constantly learning new things, putting out fires, and being everything to everyone– you won’t be able to scale. Nothing will be repeatable. That flowy stage won’t come. And frankly, I’d be exhausted if I was constantly task switching to things I was medium at. 

Repeat yourself. A lot. 

If you’re scaling to 6-figures, you have capacity. You can take on new clients. Your goal is to get the word out. If you’re at capacity and want to hit 6-figures, this is a really good time to have that raise your prices conversation. 
To develop brand recognition, you have to repeat yourself until you’re annoyed by your own message. Talk about your ‘why’ on stories. Keep posting your packages. Talk about your offer all the freakin’ time. You already know about yourself, but your ideal client doesn’t hear something once and then ensconce it into their brain. Well, maybe if their copywriter crushed it ;)

But no, people need repeat exposure. 

Consistency is the name of the game. But repeating a consistent, clear, and concise message is where the gold is hiding.

And if you’re struggling with that piece, here’s a one-way ticket to the Copy Template Shop. 

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Be mindful of money. But don’t be scared of spending. 

You don’t have a ton of money, yet. And while I’m all for an abundance mindset, I’m also here for making sure your spending is sustainable, so you can scale without running out of cash. 

But, the reality is you have to invest in yourself if you want to be successful. It’s either going to be some money or an ungodly amount of time. There are certain things that are not 100% necessary to be a 6-figure earner, but definitely catalyze the journey there. 

A website. A solid social media presence. A marketing strategy. Strong messaging. In my mind, those are the big 4. Assuming your product or service is already epic. 

Notice how I didn’t say professional or custom in front of any of those. You don’t need to spend $8K on a professional website. You don’t need to get custom branding from day 1. Will these help? Potentially. But I’d way rather you do the cheap, nice option to get to 6-figures then save the hefty investments for when you’re ready to scale up from there. 

And I could write a whollleeee other blog post on investing in your business, but let’s wrap this up. When I say cheap, nice option, I mean $1,000 - $4,000 on strategy sessions, design and copy templates, and strong courses. We’re not going on Fiverr, adding to our freebie graveyard, or getting sucked in by a $47 resource that promises us the world. 
Business money is different than personal money. If your offer is validated, invest to get to the next milestone faster. There’s no prize for piling on another hat. 

If it feels hard, it’s not right. 

This is a juicy one. Hustle culture is coming for me right now. If you’re grinding. Like pedal to the metal, discipline without motivation, sweating your face off trying to get this business going– there is a disconnect. 

You can work hard. You should work hard. No one stumbles into 6-figure businesses. But when you show up for work, it should feel exciting. Expansive. Exhilarating. At least 70% of the time. If you’re aligned with your work, then every little win is going to make you burst into your partner’s shower to tell them about it. 

Next time something feels hard, dig into it. Is the messaging off? Do you kinda hate this offer? Are you underpaid? Overworked? Are people not buying? Why aren’t they buying? Would you buy from you? Is there a money belief or success belief that you need to shift? 

These are not one-and-done easy questions to answer. But the purpose of this mindset shift is to realize that if you’re swimming upstream every time you sit down, something needs to change if you want to hit 6-figures AND be happy when you get there. Because more money doesn’t fix a fragmented foundation. 
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