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Brand voice guidelines. I’m positive you’ve seen those elusive words strung together in the online space. But what exactly is a brand voice? Why is a brand voice or brand voice strategy so important for business growth? How can you use your brand voice and personality to create a quantified style guide that your company uses for years? 

There are a lot of yummy things to dig into in that paragraph, but let’s focus on the ‘why’ behind creating a brand voice. Because here’s the thing. There is no shortage of sh*t to focus on in your business. So if you’re going to curate a brand voice strategy and make a style guide– it better be worth it. 

What’s a brand voice? 

Your brand voice is the way that your company sounds. The personality that underpins all of your copy. The tone you use. And the feelings your written words evoke. 

Not sure what yours is? I got you covered. Take the quiz to figure out your brand voice and how you can write in it. 
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Okay, now that we got the what out of the way. Let’s talk about the why. 

Your brand voice makes connection easier 

Think about your friend group. You have that one friend who could cause a roar of laughter during a wake. Another who literally hugs you with words. And that one friend who is such a straight shooter, it sometimes takes you off guard. 
Your friends have personalities. Voices. And your brand should too. 

If your brand has a consistent voice that’s present, it feels more human. And brands that feel human have a much easier time connecting with their ideal audience. If you’re having a hard time pulling people in, it could be that they’re feeling disconnected from your brand. 

You’re suffering from robotic, corporate, safe, inconsistent voice syndrome. But it’s okay, by digging into your brand voice, quantifying it, and using it consistently– you’ll be cured. 

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Your brand voice makes you memorable 

It’s really hard to remember things that don’t capture your attention. Generic products at the grocery store. People who tell stories with wayyyy too many details. Neutral, ‘luxe’ brands that use the same damn palm leaf as everyone else. 
But where there is generic, there’s the chance to stand out. 

Lots of businesses stop at their visual brand. Colors. Fonts. DONE. But that’s only the baby tip of the iceberg. The meat of branding comes from strategy, intention, messaging, and you guessed it– voice. 

By taking the time to curate a voice, people will remember your brand better. You’ll be the sassy Pinterest manager, or the too-real coach who serves up money mindset truths on a flaming platter. 

And a business owner who’s memorable is successful. 
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Your brand voice propels your visual brand forward 
We already chatted about how people see colors, fonts, and a logo, then think they’re good. But you’re not one of them ;) You’re here, so you know the power of messaging. And you know that the core of a brand will always beat out some pretty colors. 

Your visual brand is freakin’ important. Like if you’re not showing up as a pro with your sh*t together, you’re leaving money on the table. But it’s not everything. If you spend the money or time perfecting a visual brand, don’t stop. 
By spending the same amount of resources on your messaging and brand voice, you can amplify the impact that your visual brand has. That’s because people will see and hear you, strengthening your position in the market. 
Ready to invest in your brand voice? I got you. This template is the brand voice concoction resource that’ll make you stand out, stay consistent, and craft a voice that shakes the web. 

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What now? 
I don’t do the whole ‘do this, invest in that’ because I SAID SO. No. I think as a savvy business owner, you deserve to know the why behind everything. 

Question. Doubt. Challenge. That’s what helps you decide what the best investments are for your business. 
In this article, I wanted to take you deep into the why, so you could decide for yourself if investing in your brand voice is the next right move. 

And if you think it is, make sure you grab the Brand Voice Template. 

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