3 Fun Ways to Partner with Other Fitness Entrepreneurs
Description: Forming partnerships is a great way to elevate multiple fitness businesses at once. Here are 3 fun ways to partner with other fitness professionals for virtual workouts so you can grow your student base. 

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Just like an awesome friendship, a great partnership with another entrepreneur can be just what you need to grow your community, increase engagement, add a little sparkle, and start off your new year with a bang. 
Here at Arketa, we’ve seen incredible partnerships form on and off the mat with our users, so we know the power of a good collab. We’ve written about our 3 favorite ways to partner up so you can find your fitness soulmate and collectively elevate both of your businesses. 
Share Class Lists
The power of the list. Chances are, you have an email list of both community members and people that you’d love to make community members. You probably nurture them by sending out fun offers, fitness tips, memes, and personal anecdotes. Other fitness professionals are doing the exact same thing for their list. 

By sharing lists, you can reach a whole new audience. You can tell a collab partner’s list all about your community, and they can do the same for your list. If you want to get fancy, you can even offer a referral bonus to incentivize more people to list share with you. 
Ideally, you should choose a partner who serves a similar audience but in a different way. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher for younger women and they specialize in Pilates for college kids, you could be a great potential partnership because you teach different virtual workouts to a very similar target audience. 
When it comes to the actual list share, make your partnership emails fun. You can ‘take over their inbox’ or slide in with an exclusive offer. Make sure you introduce yourself, though, as you want this new temporary list to connect with you in a relatively short time period. 
Teach Together 
What’s better than one fitness instructor’s inspiring energy? Two fitness instructors’ motivational energies! You can create workouts that double the sweat, fun, benefits, and laughter when you team up. You can play off each other for jokes, give your students more attention, and bring a fresh spin to your classes. 

Some fun ideas to try would be a combined dance class with another instructor. Or, if you specialize in high-intensity workouts, you can bring a low-intensity fan to workout with you for a day and laugh at the mismatch of typical styles. Let them make you burn with barre moves, and you can give them one too many burpees to do. 

Another great way to combine classes is to have complementary offerings. You teach yoga, and they end the class with their signature Monday meditation. Your options are endless when you join forces. 
Create a Combined Challenge 
If your students have a competitive spirit, they probably love challenges. Instead of taking on a challenge all by yourself, grab another fitness business owner to make one with you. You’ll have double the creativity and can combine your communities to bring even more challenge participants together. 

If you’re known for crafting killer butt workouts and your fitness friend is king or queen of sculpted arms, you could definitely do a 30-day butt and biceps challenge. The trick is to find a partner who either overlaps with your skillset or brings something new but complementary to the table. 
Partnering up with other fitness professionals is a great way to spice up your current fitness offerings and expand your fitness community. By finding engaging, talented, and fun partners, you can build out a fitness community that attracts all sorts of students. 

Try these 3 methods and get creative with your own collaboration ideas. We’re sure you’ll be able to collectively elevate both your community and the fitness professionals around you with your fun partnerships. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!